Understanding a Raw Food Diet for Kids

There are hundreds of thousands of vegans in the United States. Some of these vegans do not just maintain an all vegetable diet but they also maintain a raw diet. This means they never cook anything and live off organic produce prepared in blenders and juicers. In most cases, if not in all cases, these families also have raw food diet for kids family members. The question in most people’s minds is whether it is safe, healthy and advisable to have a raw food diet for kids.

The Controversy

The Department of Agriculture says through the food pyramid that kids should have a balanced diet made up of each and every food type in the pyramid. This means that kids should also eat lean meat, poultry, dairy products and cooked grains and beans. Any child on a raw food diet for kids however, does not eat any of these. Does this mean that they are not eating healthy?

Some experts suggest that a raw food diet for kids can be potentially harmful because growing kids may be deprived of the necessary protein, iron and calcium found in other food sources that are not included in a raw food diet for kids. They also say that a raw food diet for kids would also mean having less vitamin B and D.

Supporters of a raw food diet for kids however are quick to point out that organic food sources do not trigger allergies and carry natural vitamins and minerals that can fight cancer. Cooked food on the other hand can contain carcinogens that may cause cancer.

What Studies Say

Studies on raw food diet for kids have not been very extensive. Of the available studies however, it has been proven that people who have maintained what began as a raw food diet for kids eventually grew up with lower bone mass and weights. They came out however as having sufficient amounts of vitamin D. In most cases, the decision of vegan parents to keep their children on a raw food diet for kids is based more on their positive experiences with raw food and the perceived benefits of raw, organic food.

The Solution

There is no immediate end to the growing debate over maintaining a raw food diet for kids. It is therefore really a matter of choice for families who choose to keep a strict raw food diet. What is perhaps important is that parents make an informed decision when they decide to put their children on a raw food diet for kids. This means that parents really shoulder the responsibility of researching first in order to be certain of the advantages and possible disadvantages of a raw food diet. Parents should also be on the look out for more recent studies that focus on the issue of raw food diet for kids.

As an additional note of caution, parents should consider consulting a specialist doctor first before feeding kids totally raw food. Specialists would know if kids have particular medical conditions that may be affected by such a limited diet.