Breaking Food Myths with the Food Pyramid for Kids

You’ve probably heard of the food pyramid that will tell you what and how much to eat. Well, there’s also actually a food pyramid for kids too.

You’re probably wondering why there’s any need for a food pyramid for kids. The truth is, kids need it as much as adults because following the food pyramid for kids can help break food myths early on and establish great eating habits for life. What exactly does a food pyramid for kids say about common food myths?

All Kids Need is Good Food

The food pyramid for kids says that it’s not entirely true that kids just need to eat right to be healthy. The food pyramid for kids also says that kids should have some exercise to keep their bodies fit. Kids should therefore be allowed to have some good old physical play time.

Kids Should Eat Only Fruits and Vegetables

The food pyramid for kids says that fruits and vegetables are not the only kinds of healthy food for kids. What the food pyramid for kids is actually saying is that kids should eat food from different food groups. Some kinds of food however should be eaten more than others while some should be eaten in smaller amounts. Kids for example should eat a lot of grains like oatmeal and wheat bread. Fruits and vegetables should also be eaten in greater quantities. As for meat, lean meat should be eaten as well as low fat dairy products.

All Kinds of Food with Fruits are Good

According to the food pyramid for kids, not all kinds of food with fruits are good to eat all the time. Fruit pies for example may be eaten in moderation only. This is because fruit pies are not exactly like their real fruit counterparts. Pies may already contain a lot of sugar and fat which in excess is not good for kids. Real fruits are also generally better to take in rather than just fruit juices.

Kids Can Eat Anything Because They’re Growing

Kids can develop such health problems as diabetes and obesity. Some kids have these conditions because their diets have not been properly monitored. The food pyramid for kids aims to help kids avoid such health problems by eating the right kinds of food in the proper amounts. As a general rule, kids should avoid eating sweets, candies, fruit flavored food and drinks and chips.

Kids Will Get Over Bad Eating Habits

It is obvious, based on our own experience, that bad habits are hard to kill even though the food pyramid for kids does not directly say so. Kids also do not always learn on their own to eat right. Adults should therefore follow the right adult food pyramid so that kids will be encouraged to follow the food pyramid for kids.

All Kids Should Eat the Same Serving Amounts

Not all kids should eat alike. The amount of food kids need per food group will depend on gender and age. Older kids need bigger portions. In some cases older boys need to eat more portions than girls of their age.

Kids Should be Forced to Eat Well as Soon as Possible

Again, the food pyramid for kids doesn’t say it outright but kids should be taught to eat healthy one step at a time. It’s a tough matter to be forced to immediately eat healthy food that may not even taste so good for young taste buds.