Tips to Promote Good Food for Kids

It is hard enough to teach toddlers and kids to eat. It is even harder to teach them to eat good food for kids. How can parents make sure that their kids eventually end up liking good food?

Start Early

As soon as your kid starts eating solid food, make sure that you only serve good food for kids. Start introducing vegetables and fruits first to your child’s taste buds before any other kind of food. Make sure too to remove all other food items that are not good food for kids from the kitchen. It would also be a good idea if you also refrain from eating junk food at home while your kids are watching. Serve only good food for kids with a variety of and a moderate amount of food items from each food group.

Don’t Generalize

Your kids will probably feel terrible if they never get to eat the kind of food their friends eat. The key is not to make generalizations about food. Some traditional food items can also be good food for kids. You can have pizza for example with more vegetable then meat toppings. Pasta can also be good food for kids as an occasional alternative to whole wheat bread. Occasional chocolate treats are also better than hard candy since chocolate has some calcium and iron. You can also have ice cream for desert with fruit bits and nuts mixed into it.

Make Learning Fun

It’s obvious that because kids are still learning, they usually enjoy interactive and colorful games. Make the learning and eating experience about good food for kids fun and enjoyable. Let your kids read comic books and watch videos of colorful cartoon characters that promote good food for kids. You can also cut nutritious sandwiches and fruits and vegetables into interesting cartoon shapes to encourage your kids to eat.

One other fun way to communicate about good food for kids is to let your them help around the kitchen. Let them help with the rolling pin or with the mixing of ingredients. Explain to them what the ingredients are and why they are good to eat.

Talk About Logic

Constantly talk to your child about the benefits of good food. You can be more creative by asking your child why he thinks his mechanical toys need to be oiled and cleaned. Then explain to him that having good food for kids is similar to cleaning and oiling toys. Explain to him that the lack of good food could stop his body from functioning properly.

Be Patient

As mentioned, start feeding your child good food while at the toddler stage. Do not however, force your toddler to clean his plate or eat large amount of good food. It is enough that you are not feeding your toddler any junk food and that his body is at least receiving some amount of good food. Some kids need to be fed some piece of hated food item over and over again before they warm up to it. Praise and reward your toddler when he eats good food.