Seven Tips for Your Kids Play Food

It has always been part of a kid’s life to have some kids play food. Sooner or later, most kids will have their first set of kids play food and appliances to experiment and play with. Before you even start buying pieces of kids play food there are some things that you should remember as parents.

1. Buy play food for girls and boys.

Some people seem to think that kids play food should only be given to girls to play with. Boys should also have their own set of kids play food. This is because play food is actually one of the most enjoyable ways to teach your kids to eat and cook healthy. If you are concerned with gender issues, consider buying kids play food, appliance and utensils that are gender neutral. Buy pieces for example that are not colored pink.

2. Be models.

One way to perk up your kid’s interest on food and on their kids play food set is if you actually show them what you do in the kitchen. Have a safe and secure spot for your kid in the kitchen and let them watch you prepare the meals of the day. Make sure you have lots of fruits and vegetables in your preparation and talk to them about each piece of food as you go along. They would love to play with their kids play food after their visit to the kitchen. For male kids, it would be great to have daddy do some of the sample cooking too.

3. Take out items you don’t approve of.

A lot of kids play food sets are not tailor suited for individual parent’s tastes. It would be best therefore to take a look at all the pieces of your child’s kids play food and remove items that you think are not good. Some of these items may include junk food with brand names, cola bottles and other unhealthy food choices.

4. Buy more than one set

Have more than just one box of kids play food around to give your child a variety of choices. Besides, after you throw out most of the junk, you might have only a few pieces left from one pack. Combine the nutritious selections from different packs.

5. Get simple recognizable designs.

Go for kids play food with designs that kids can easily recognize. Otherwise, your kid may not be able to associate the pieces with real food in which case having kids play food would be pointless.

6. Include fruits and vegetables.

Make sure that your kids play food has a lot of the good stuff in it like fruits and vegetables. This will not only be a great way to teach your kids about nutrition but a good way to teach them about shapes, sizes and colors too.

7. Participate in child’s play.

Don’t leave your kids around their kids play food. Your presence is important to both ensure their safety and make sure that they are learning the right concepts. Be your child’s first assistant cook and help them serve their play food to the stuffed toy customers. Talk to your children and ask them a lot of questions while you are playing.