Looking at the New Food Pyramid for Kids

In 2005, the US Department of Agriculture launched a new food pyramid plan. Part of the plan features the new food pyramid for kids. It’s exciting to know that now, there is also the new food pyramid for kids that is separate from the adult pyramid. What is the new food pyramid for kids trying to tell us?

The New Look

The old food pyramid had horizontal sections from bottom to top which gave food consumption advice. The new food pyramid for kids features vertical colored stripes which represent different food groups. The color purple stands for meat, nuts, fish and beans. The blue strip is for milk and dairy products. Color yellow is for fats and oils. The red and green colors are for fruits and vegetables respectively. Color orange stands for grains.

The new food pyramid for kids tells us that a balanced daily diet for kids is one which includes food from each of the different colored food groups. If you try to look at the new food pyramid for kids closely however, you will realize that it is also trying to tell us that not all food groups should be eaten in the same amount. The yellow strip for oil and the purple strip for protein for example are thinner than the others. This means that they should be eaten in lesser amounts. In the new food pyramid for kids the thicker color strips belong to fruits, vegetables, grains and dairy food.

You will also notice that in the new food pyramid for kids, the colored strips get thinner as they reach the top of the pyramid. The new food pyramid for kids is telling us that some foods in a food group should be eaten less than other foods. The new food pyramid for kids shows for example that fresh fruits should be eaten more than fruits mixed with a lot of syrup or sugar.

On one side of the new food pyramid for kids one can see a kid climbing up a flight of stairs. This means kids don’t just need good food, they also need to exercise well to keep healthy.

What Else is New

The food pyramid is no longer a one-size-fits-all guide. The new food pyramid for kids
and its dietary recommendations are really set for young eaters. What is also great about the new pyramid program is that it takes into account such specific personal information as age, gender and levels of body activity to come up with specific personal dietary recommendations.

The new pyramid plan also speaks in a language that is easy to understand. Food servings are now measured in cups which is actually an easier concept to understand and imagine than the usual measurements.

The new food pyramid for kids is also telling us that although kids should try very hard to eat healthy, it is always best to take one small step at a time. Everyday is a new day to add something new to healthy eating habits.